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Tray Prices


         Antipasto: $50.00Large/$30.00 Small                          Salad: $36.00 Large/$20.00 Small
Baked Ziti: $55.00 Large/$35.00 Small                         Sausage&Peppers: $55.00 Large/$33.00 Small
Chicken Parmigiana: $60.00 Large/$35.00 Small           Lasagna: $55.00 Large/$33.00 Small

Eggplant Parmigiana:$55.00 Large/$35.00 Small           Meatballs: $50.00 Large/$30.00 Small

      Manicotti: $50.00 Large/$28.00 Small                          Veal Parmigiana:$100.00 Large/$50.00 Small